No such thing as ‘two little things’

There was a lot of last minute cleaning up today ahead of The Visitation. I had to move my dressing room for a start. And wash everything that refused to move out of the way, even the dogs. Actually they did move. The moment they get a hint of what’s possibly going to happen, they run and hide. Well, Emma does anyway.

I managed to trick her, dump her in the laundry sink and apply enough shampoo to make her soft, fluffy and smelling delightful enough to sit on anyone’s lap.

Freya doesn’t run and hide. She thinks she’s in trouble so her tail goes down and she very slowly slinks towards me, expecting the worst. And, of course, she’s right. Her worst nightmare (having water poured on her) is about to come true. Mind you, she rather enjoys the fuss afterwards.

After lunch Mirinda announced she needed (note the word ‘needed’) to go to the garden centre for two little things. We went via the recycling centre and finally managed to rid ourselves of the last cardboard from the greenhouse construction as well as an entire wardrobe worth of clothes.

The pond at Forest Lodge

We spent an awful long time at the garden centre and managed to fill Max with the ‘two little things’.

The weather had been rather pleasant all day – a bit breezy, sunny most of the time and no rain – so it was a bit of a surprise when, settling down to watch our nightly bit of Korean TV, the skies opened up like some planetary pluvium and rain poured in. There was a mad dash for the sun lounger cushion but, fortunately, I’d already brought in the rug.

We had a lo carb pizza for dinner which was very filling, followed by some lo carb pistachio ice cream which was DELICIOUS.

On the way to the garden centre I noticed that, immediate construction completed, the bus stop has been re-opened, having been moved forward about two metres in order for the hoardings to be moved.

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