Sitting outside at Cote

Today at work, everything was a bit frantic. Packing boxes and piling them into the back of a truck was happening in earnest. Librarians, curators and removalists were all getting in each other’s way while equally managing to avoid each other with trolleys and publications. It was all a bit manic.

When I turned up, Heather indicated that I was to sit at her desk in the reading room around which she’d built a wall of books. I thought the wall was for protection but I was mistaken. As Heather explained, the wall was to keep me in. In order to escape, I had to add the books to the master disposal spreadsheet. Until then, I was trapped.

And so that’s exactly what I did. I managed to fill three filing boxes with books as diverse as a Spanish version of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, A Gunner’s Handbook from 1790 and the unputdownable How to Use a Broomwade Diesel Engine Driven Portable Compressor Plant.

Given the variety of the books and the spread of years, it was actually very enjoyable. One of the things that can make my Wednesday’s a bit dull is when I have to enter piles of books with very similar titles on very similar subjects by very similar authors. (Which is why I could never do a doctorate: I’d get too bored.)

The day fairly flew by as I updated the spreadsheet with around 150 books in need of a home. Once the wall had been successfully breached, it was time to go home with the news that there would be no volunteers in next week because the office was going to be moving. All back the following week though.

Then home to two puppies and Dr Wife, who were all pleased to see me. Even Freya.

Speaking of my Dr Wife, last week she said she wanted to dine at Cote, outside, if she passed her viva. I was ready to book it but she insisted I wait in case she failed (I laughed a lot at that) plus she didn’t want me to jinx it. So I waited until yesterday and we went there tonight for a celebration dinner.

We were a bit concerned because it had rained, on and off, all day but the gods of weather were kind and we sat outside (alone I should add) and thoroughly enjoyed our meals basking in the glow of my wife’s doctoral success.

I asked her to pose like a doctor and this is what I got
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