A change of gym

Yesterday I had a tour of a new gym (for me). I loved what I saw so much that I joined this new gym without further ado then (following just a bit of ado) I cancelled my membership at Nuffield.

I was a bit disappointed that Nuffield didn’t seem to want to know why I was leaving because I was prepared with a long list. The towel thing was merely the tipping point; there was the lack of proper pedestrian access, the sometimes soap absence, the unfriendly desk staff, the locker doors, the flickering lights…and so it goes.

A number of years ago, shortly after I joined Nuffield, Lindy said I should join her son’s new gym which he’d only just opened in Farnham. Well, Lindy, now I have. Four years later. And, on my tour alone, I love it.

Of course I went to Nuffield first, little knowing it would be my last time, before getting the bus into town, having a coffee then doing a tiny bit of shopping. I then set off for the new gym which is on the way home.

I noted that work has finally re-started on the old Marlborough Head pub. It baffles me why they removed the roof then left it for months without doing anything.

The road works above, while part of the general Brightwells development which also includes the pub, are not really connected to the Marlborough Head. It does mean the bus stop has temporarily moved and provided me with an excellent opportunity to accidentally use the food setting to take the above photograph.

The sides of the building have been propped up with some heavy duty girders attached to big bolts in the side of the building so, in essence, it’s holding itself up by itself. That’s some cool engineering.

And then it was on to the Anytime Gym just a little further down the road.

Matt, the manager, took me on an extensive tour of the premises, pointing out the equipment, the various rooms and how things are done. We then sat down in the office where I became a member having been convinced by his excellent sales skills.

Fob key in hand, I then headed home.

Today, on the other hand, I was researching soldiers following a fortnight’s break.

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