Daisy the horse

I don’t have gout, and, interestingly, this is almost a repeat of something that happened in 2012. What originally felt like gout and hurt like gout turns out to be plantar fasciitis, something I can fix quicker by wearing a shoe on my left foot. I really need to remember the various symptoms of my various issues in order to heal faster.

While my foot still hurt (though not as much as yesterday) I managed to hobble up to the gym and have a decent work out (and a lovely shower) before going into town. I wasn’t sure whether Mirinda was coming home or not (or when) given she was in Gloucester at a meeting so I had to buy food just in case.

Obviously I went to Nero’s. That turned out to be a mistake. The World’s Worst Barista was serving and I was wishing and hoping not to get served by him as the line ahead of me diminished. He was then asked a question by the New Zealanders he was serving and it put him into a bit of a tizz-wozz which meant I managed to be served by the more experienced younger chap.

But, as I sat at my table waiting for my laptop to power up, I took a sip of my latte only to discover that the idiot barista had used sugar free syrup. The problem with sugar free syrup is that it uses a chemical sugar substitute in order to make it sweet. I’m sure there’s people who don’t mind it but I find the lingering taste awful and it makes me wonder why I bother having a latte at all when it tastes foul.

But where else can I go after the gym? I feel in a real bind. I suppose I could have a latte at the gym and catch a later bus into Farnham. Or maybe I could try Gail’s next to Caffe Nero. At least they have wifi.

Still, enough of that because the schools are on their summer holiday from tomorrow so I can go to Starbucks for the next few months.

Back at home the rain slowly eased off (the first rain we’ve had for ages) and, eventually, I took the girls to the park where someone was sitting on our bench so I sat on the grass. This was when Daisy the English mastiff came over to say hello.

Daisy looks like a pony. As well as being a giant dog, she is also very soppy. She came over and said hello and annoyed the girls so much that they both crowded onto my lap for safety. We were then joined by Daisy’s friend Harley who is a very soft and cuddly cockerpoo.

Daisy and Harley had a bit of a play while I discussed things with their walker. She was saying that a number of people had complained about Daisy’s size, worried they’d be eaten or knocked over. And to be fair, I don’t blame people for being a bit wary but she really is a great big softy.

Mirinda made it home at about 5pm and we had a lovely sit and chat on the terrace, discussing her Gloucester progress.

Teeny tiny garden

Mirinda wanted to send a photo of one of her teeny tiny gardens to Lauren. I actually took a video but this was the photo I took beforehand. I think it’s very cute. The windmill looks like ours…sort of.

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