A new visit from Senor Gouty Foot

I woke up this morning determined to go to the gym. I swung my legs out of bed (‘swung’ is a bit of an exaggeration when they actually kind of just fall off the bed) and attempted to stand up and go downstairs. I couldn’t really put much weight on my foot. I saw my dreams of going to the gym roll up and fall away.

I had my coffee and waited to wake Mirinda at the appointed time, knowing this would herald my next big walk (going upstairs with a cup of tea). I steeled myself for the ordeal. Not for the first time, I thanked the patron saint of all things wood for banisters.

I returned to the lounge.

And so my day consisted of laundry, research and minimal movement. I did take the girls to the park for a very slow and laborious ball chase. Mirinda said I could have just walked up to the Dell but I told her that Emma needed the shade of the Avenue of Trees otherwise she was completely knackered. Mirinda said I spoiled the dogs. I couldn’t argue with that.

Tomorrow is a work day so I’m willing my foot to be better.

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