Gym day

I returned to the gym today after a week away and it felt fantastic. I really do miss it when I don’t go. I guess I don’t miss the long, laborious walk along the awful streets but once there and starting to pedal…well, I love it. And then, of course, there’s the brilliant shower.

And I’m happy to say that last week’s strange occurrence of there just being men there was merely an aberration. Today everything was back to normal with a general smattering of both men and women.

I did finally change locker location though, which made things a bit different. The ones around the back, which I normally use, are way too popular and sometimes make getting dressed awkward. I have promised myself I’d try the ones opposite the showers for a while so, today, I did just that.

There was no-one using the shower lockers this morning so, of course, it was actually quite good. It also meant there was a shorter walk from the actual shower to my locker. Meanwhile there were a number of men in the back area – I could hear them – while I felt like I had the entire space to myself. I realise it’ll only last till someone else is using the shower lockers of course.

At Nero’s I was almost stuck with the worst barista in Farnham again. He’s a trainee who I can’t see ever being anything else. He is terrible. Fortunately he was having so much difficulty with the customer in front of me that I managed to slide in under his radar and was served by the woman who I think is the manager. She is the complete opposite to the worst barista and makes a great latte.

Back at home we had to contend with the guy at the end of the street trimming his hedge with his electric hedge trimmer. As I said to Mirinda, while I’m not keen on most engine and tool noises, my personal most hated has to be the electric hedge trimmer. And, of course, the fact that hedges are generally big and take a long time to trim means I have to put up with the irritation for quite a while.

At least he was doing it during the day rather then at 9pm on a Sunday night like he did last year.

The rest of the day was spent pottering, walking the dogs and making a pasta free lasagne. I also felt some gout-ish warning spikes in my foot. It doesn’t look good for tomorrow.

On a wall in Park Row, Farnham
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