A fox stole Corky’s toy

We had a very full day today though it started slowly enough. Being a Sunday meant a bit of a sleep-in for me, a bigger sleep-in for Mirinda and the usual slow walk into town with my trusty wicker trolley; again, for me. It also meant a Skype session for Mirinda.

Back at home we had an organised tour of Mirinda’s new greenhouse lined up for Neighbour Dave and Gail and, of course, Rodney.

The girls were particularly pleased to see Rodney though, while we were having a cup of tea, Freya was in heaven sitting on Dave’s lap as he stroked her into catatonia.

Dave was very enthusiastic about the greenhouse but completely flummoxed by Mirinda’s Pixie Gardens. His face was a picture of confusion and mystification. It was a joy to behold.

And Gail supplied the title of this post. We were discussing the fox that sometimes visits the gardens in our street, scaling the fences between us. Gail said that Corky (her mum’s Jack Russell) had a favourite toy which was left in the back garden and stolen by a fox.

Apparently the toy squeaks and Rodney is frightened of it so we know it wasn’t him.

Then we hopped into Max for the short drive to the Chawton House Summer Fayre where many craft-y stalls awaited as well as a lecture in the Great Hall and a bit of Regency dancing…

…before a beer in the Grey Friars and the short drive back home.

Chawton House

The most exciting bit of the day, however, was late on. While Mirinda took the girls for a walk to the Castle (I thought she meant Farnham but given how long she was away she clearly meant Windsor) and I started our lamb shanks for dinner, I put the Men’s Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand on the radio for company. And it was extraordinary.

If a screenwriter was to envisage a film about an international cricket game which kept the audience gripped till the end and without a clue as to who would win, they couldn’t have written a better script. It was unbelievably exciting. And it ended in a tie.

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a tie in a one day game before. In the World Cup, a tie is decided with a Super Over. This means an over bowled by both sides, with the one bowler and three batsman, allowing for one wicket apiece. The idea is for them to make as many runs for their six balls as possible.

Talk about high drama. England batted first and managed 15 runs without losing a wicket. It was then new Zealand’s turn.

It came down to the final ball. They needed two to win, one to tie. They managed one run then turned for the second. What else could they do? The batsman pushed himself towards the crease but the fielder threw to the keeper who whipped the bails off with the batsman still out of reach. It was amazing.

And so, after 50 normal overs (241 runs each) and one super over (15 runs each) the result went on the loss of the single wicket in the super over. And the England team went mad.

Lords lit up with noise and celebration. It was the final to beat all finals.

From the BBC website

How I would have loved to have been there.

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