Back to the country

Because I’m being put under a spell tomorrow, I’ll not be able to visit the butcher for the usual weekly meat-fest so I wheeled my trolley into town this morning instead. It felt rather odd, almost as if Friday had become Saturday and I had to keep reminding myself I was a day behind. Or ahead.

Naturally, upon my arrival at the butcher’s, there was a fair bit of ribbing over the cricket from yesterday. Having attended Oz v England matches before in the UK, and wearing my Oz shirt, I’m well used to it. And, like the match version, it was all in good fun. I also let him know I was going to France to which he asked if that would give me time to get over it before the Ashes onslaught.

Lion and Lamb Yard unusually deserted

Then Starbucks, then Waitrose, then home to do some research.

A week ago I wrote to a historian about the Ewhurst research and he replied giving me permission to use his work (obviously with a credit) on the SGW site. His work is amazing. He has managed to find out some incredible facts about the fallen of Ewhurst. I am very lucky with this memorial.

And so I worked away in my office while Mirinda worked in various rooms and terraces. She is much improved (only rasping a few times an hour) and thinking of going for a walk today, the first time in almost a month.

I stopped at lunchtime and made a salmon and dill quiche for dinner (Mirinda ordered it last night with a walnut lo-carb pastry which I made up) and did some small gardening jobs. Both turned out rather well though the quiche was more delicious.

Mirinda took some little time off her work in order to start filling the greenhouse with the necessary stuff to make it useful – plastic pots, compost, etc. She doesn’t want to make it too messy though because she wants to show Neighbour Dave while it’s still brand, spanking new.

And then, as the day started cooling, we took the girls to Frensham Little Pond. It was beautiful, peaceful and a welcome return to nature.


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