The day of the greenhouse

Mick turned up this morning, bright and early and ready for a 07:30 start on the new greenhouse. Meanwhile I’d been up and out, clearing a path and making access to the boxes easier than it was.

Before Mick started

Although Freya is in the photo above, I actually took them around to Sue for the day before Mick arrived because I figured it was easier than keeping them locked in the house. Not that they complained at all. Quite the opposite. And, for the first time ever, Pippa met me with the goose in her mouth, something that normally happens after arrival.

And so my day was spent watching the glasshouse slowly rise from nothing as Mick did his stuff down the back of the garden. As boxes vanished from the terrace so the structure began to appear. By lunchtime, it was all looking well on the way.

Halfway through the day

On the Health Watch front, Mirinda went to work today for a meeting she couldn’t avoid. She did feel a bit better but still far from perfect. She was determined to go in, have the meeting then return to the flat and rest. Which she did and, when I spoke to her late in the day, it seemed to have worked. No nasty coughing fits; just a few isolated growls.

I spent the day pottering around the extension, listening to the first semi-final in the Men’s Cricket World Cup (New Zealand won against India by 18 runs in a one day match split between two because of rain yesterday) and generally staying available in case Mick needed me. He didn’t. He just worked away, alone and seemingly happy.

I also spent some time working on the Ewhurst war memorial.

At home time

Mick left at about 4:30pm and I went and collected the girls. They took absolutely no interest in the greenhouse, preferring to run around the garden as if they’d been away a month rather than (not) a complete day. We’ll see how they go tomorrow because they’ll be at home while Mick finishes up.

Sadly it means the extension doors will have to be shut but it also means I’ll get to hear the second semi-final of the Men’s Cricket World Cup between England and Oz.

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  1. Fiona Hassell says:

    The green house looks wonderful!!


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