This morning I went back to the gym following last week’s visit from Mr Virus. And, very oddly, there were no women there. There are always women there, of various ages, some on treadmills, some on bikes, some just waiting for the yoga to begin. Today, however, it was all men. Apart from one guy, they were the usual men. There wasn’t even an attendant upstairs. It was most disconcerting.

Still, I had a good work out before heading into Farnham for coffee and shop. On the way home I walked with Vivienne, Luna’s owner. She told me about her psychology Masters degree and how she’s organising an experiment and, given my age, would I like to participate. Naturally I said yes and will be going on Saturday.

Meanwhile at home, Mirinda followed through on her threat and actually went to the doctor. According to the NHS website, people suffering with her particular brand of bronchitis should see a doctor if symptoms persist beyond three weeks. And so she went up and actually saw our doctor. I meant the one we’re registered with. This rarely happens. Mind you, so does going to the doctor.

The doctor told her she was fine; didn’t need a puffer and the cough was now only there because the cough was causing itself through her dry throat. She was advised to drink plenty of fluids (not a problem given she doesn’t stop) and rest. She then went to the Garden Centre for some Plant Therapy.

One of the plants she brought home with her was a black eyed Susan which I planted to climb up the windmill. It was already well established in the pot, so should start looking good almost immediately with little effort from me.

Naturally I took the dogs to the park (Emma’s leg appears to be all better…whatever was wrong with it) and we met an English mastiff who was massive. She’s come over from Texas and is 15 months old. Such a placid girl she is. I had a long and interesting talk with the woman who was walking her for her owners.

At one point, as we sat on our bench, I asked Freya what she thought of Emma and her limp. She just gave me a look.

Yeah, right, like it was anything!

The rest of the day was spent making final arrangements for the trip to France, working in the garden then making ramen for dinner.

Mirinda is determined to go to work tomorrow so I’m hoping she’s feeling better by then.

Here’s a short video of Freya stalking a squirrel. If you’re quick, you’ll see it escape up the tree after a few seconds and before I start speaking.

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