View from the back

The gardeners came today. Gardener Dave has returned (he had a lovely holiday, working on his tan and enjoying French cuisine) and now has a new sidekick. Though I don’t know his name so, in the meanwhilst, I’m going to call him Robin.

Actually he was one of the two chaps who came last time and I’m pretty sure it was he who destroyed my ring of seedlings though he insisted it was the other guy who they call Luigi.

I took them down the back and pointed out what Mirinda wanted doing this week, making an extra point that it wasn’t done properly last time so needed re-doing, basically. I also complained about the premature death of the seedlings and banned them from even breathing on the Wild Flower Patch.

Gardener Dave was not that keen on shifting the wood pile for the second time but did it without too much grumble, possibly because it hadn’t been him who moved it last time. He also had Robin clear the compost into two empty bins and the wheelbarrow while cutting the grass.

Dave was a bit concerned that I didn’t have the usual list of jobs to refer to. He was surprised that I’d been trusted without one. (He knows me remarkably well.) I explained that given it was the same jobs as last time, I was fairly sure I could remember.

Actually, the trickiest bit was knowing the difference between which plants had tomato feed, seaweed feed and ericaceous feed. I’d had it drummed into me last night so I had to pass on the drumming to make sure the feeding didn’t go awry. They managed to get it right (I was watching keenly) but they didn’t get to the conifers out the front (seaweed feed) which I’ll have to do.

As usual, everything looked lovely by the time they’d finished and Mirinda dragged herself out of bed to inspect their work.

From the soon-to-be greenhouse

Speaking of the patient…she doesn’t appear to be improving and is now threatening to see the doctor. This means it really is serious.

And speaking of patients…Emma seems to have done something to one of her hind legs. It’s nothing serious but she does tend to limp a bit. For this reason, for her own good, I didn’t take them to the park today. Freya wasn’t bothered but Emma was a bit bereft.

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