Ideal way to serve gazpacho

Given the run of weather and the continued insistence on sun and warmth, it was decided that today we’d have another barbeque. In order to facilitate this, I was off, down to the butcher, ordering heaps of meat to sizzle and burn on the evening terrace.

Obviously there was also bones for broth and a pork joint for Sunday roast but, most importantly, there was plenty of cricket chat. The butcher was concerned that by next week we’d be at each other’s throats. Oh, how we laughed.

Actually, the cricket was a bit disappointing today. We were up against South Africa in the final match before the semi-finals. Our bowlers weren’t making many inroads and the South Africans were playing better than they had all competition. I guess neither side had a lot to play for. We have already qualified for the semis and South Africa have already booked their airfare home. Still…

As it turned out (South Africa won by ten runs) the game was very close and concluded on a very exciting note with Australia only needed ten runs but having run out of wickets after 49.5 overs.

The saddest thing about this loss, however, is the fact that it put Australia in second place in the standings which means they will play England in the semi-final rather than meeting them in a final which would have been fantastic. Not to take anything away from the Indian team who will play New Zealand in the other semi.

Mind you, the day was about more than cricket as I prepared broth, gazpacho and kebabs while Mirinda took things easy. I also took the girls to the park for a run in the sun, but was soon back in the kitchen.

This week, rather than having a bucket of gazpacho soup each, I decided it was a better move to serve it in small coffee cups. I also decided against making a full, leafy salad, making instead, my favourite summer salad, Caprese. It was all a perfect way to end the day especially given we were outside, soaking up the final rays of the sun.

Mmmmm, barbi!

Now if only Mirinda’s awful cough would leave, everything would be perfect.

I also managed to talk to mum this morning – the first time since leaving Queensland. Her phone has finally been reconnected after Denise went through everyone from minor call centre operatives to the Lord High Justice of Everything in Queensland.

We had a lovely hour long chat. I noticed that she gets more forgetful when she’s stressed and when the subject of her sister happened, her memory started to resemble a fine Swiss cheese.

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