Another very long sleep saw me wake up at 8am this morning. I was amazed. No alarm, no noises, nothing, just naturally awake. Not that I felt particularly refreshed. I had a stonking great headache and a few muscles were aching for a start, then, after I went downstairs, I started feeling a bit woozy again. Stupid virus.

And so, another restful day spent almost completely in the house and garden. I did manage to go through the laundry and hung it all on the line (except for Mirinda’s big white towel because I know she prefers it to go through the dryer). I also managed the occasional housework task but then I’d be exhausted and have to get over whatever household tool I’d been pushing around.

I’ll be glad when I can leave the house, apart from anything else. A lack of sniffles or a bad cough, are both brilliant, however, being exhausted by exertion a lot of the time is not conducive to leaving the house. So, no shopping, no gym and, therefore, no communication with other people.

That’s one of the main reasons I do volunteer work; to make sure I don’t stop communicating with the outside world. I don’t mean the simple Good Mornings and Heys of my normal days but a good solid contact with someone else. The kind of contact you only really get by going to work.

Mind you, I did go to the park with the girls and managed to communicate with quite a few dogs. And sometimes their owners.

The rapidly approaching brown dot is Emma

The day was beautiful (see the photo above for immediate clarification) and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Of course Emma was chasing her ball everywhere and Freya insisted I have the cricket on (India v Bangladesh) so she could keep up with the latest world cup results.

Actually, there were a lot of dogs today. I don’t know why. Perhaps we were earlier than usual. I don’t know but it was lovely to see so many dogs out and about, enjoying the day.

And, basically, that was it for my day. I want to go to work tomorrow but will see how I am at the alarm in the morning. When I went to bed (at 9:30) I was feeling passable.

The approaching white dot is Freya

By the way, India won by 28 runs in quite an exciting match. Elsewhere, Australia beat England in the Women’s Ashes ODI (by two wickets with almost eight overs to spare) and the England women soccer team lost to the USA women in the World Cup in Lyon (2-1) – it was the Lionesses in Lyon – in a close fought game that manager Neville said his team should be rightly proud of.

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