All the fun of the fair…without actually going

Today was the hottest day of the year so far. There was a bit of a breeze on occasion but, basically, it was pretty close to unbearable. Okay, so it only reached 34 somewhere closer to London but it felt like the surface of the sun at our place. I nearly didn’t have to light the barbecue, just put the meat on the top and let it sizzle the natural way.

Ignoring the weather, it was a great day at Lords with the Australian cricket team annihilating the Kiwis. Batting first, the Aussies only managed 243/9 after the full 50 overs. Given they were 90/5 at one stage, this was a good result. But it didn’t seem anything like enough. But they proved many pundits wrong by bowling out the Kiwis for 157 in only 43.4 overs. Glorious.

The game in Headingley was no less exciting with Afghanistan posting 227/9 after 50. The Pakistani players batted and fought, just managing to win with two balls to go.

I listened to a bit of the Headingley game while throwing the ball for a definitely over-heated Emma. Fortunately I took a bottle of water which she slurped up thankfully. Freya, of course, did very little apart from laying on the bench, watching for squirrels then deciding whether the weather was too hot to chase them or not. Mostly it was.

As well as TMS on my phone, on every breeze, came the sounds of the fairs. There was the yearly Farnham Carnival and the annual visit from the Coneley Fun Fair in Farnham Park. It was obviously a perfect day for them both…if somewhat hot.

Which way to the fair?

Back at home, Mirinda was still recovering by doing very little while sitting in the coolest room in the house, the library.

Eventually, I prepared the barbecue though not before putting our new Cheese Dome in the fridge to stop the cheese flowing over the edge and pooling on the floor.

Mmmm cheese!

And, I’m happy to report, the barbecue worked perfectly this time around. I gave it an hour to turn into a cookable mass of ash during which time I prepared the kebabs, salad and sausages. Then I cooked it all in about 20 minutes. It was washed down with a lovely, ice cold bowl of gazpacho.

Actually, Mirinda suggested that next time I put ice in the gazpacho. As I started to complain about her criticism of my food preparation methods, she took a spoonful, including a piece of the ice that I’d put in it.

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