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Marcus Trescothick announced today that he will retire from all forms of professional cricket at the conclusion of the 2019 season. He was a great English player who suffered from a stress related issue which saw him leave international cricket a few times. He was an exceptionally good opening batsman.

I saw him at Guildford, playing for Somerset when I went last month as well as seeing him play for England in the past. I’m not sure why he’s leaving but the fact that he’s 43 might have something to do with it. Hopefully he’ll find an opportunity to teach youngsters how to bat the Trescothick way because he really was (and still is) an amazing batsman.

Speaking of cricket, the Indian team gave the West Indies a lesson in ODI today.

Batting first, they put on an easily beatable 268/7 for their 50 overs. Then, playing to an Old Trafford ground packed with their own fans who refused to be quiet, they gradually decimated the West Indian batsmen. They won the game by 125 runs, bowling the West Indies out for 143 in only 34.2 overs.

I listened to the final overs of the Indian batting while throwing the ball for Emma in the park. Freya insisted given she loves the cricket almost as much as I do.

Avenue of Trees

It’s amazing how many people asked what the score was as they strolled by. It made me feel a bit better about having my phone blaring out the TMS commentary.

Meanwhile Mirinda’s health seems to be improving by leaps and bounds though, oddly, her cough returns when the sun departs each night. Being largely cough free during the daylight hours, she spent a lot of her recovery time working in the garden, making up more Pixie gardens for the large Pixie population that is being attracted to our garden because of the proliferation of Pixie gardens.

The day was perfect for a spot of gardening, a stiff but pleasant cool breeze turning the vanes of the windmill almost constantly.

A pity it’s not pumping water
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