Memorable well (with roof)

In 1881, Jane Moultrie thought it would be a nice thing to have built a roof over the village water pump in the small hamlet of Dockenfield. I’m sure the residents were greatly pleased by this magnanimous display of generosity by Jane, particularly when it rained.

After the First World War, when war memorials became the thing to do, it was decided that Jane’s Well House would be perfect for the Dockenfield memorial, remembering the 12 fallen heroes from thereabouts.

In 2002, the Well House/Covered Memorial was in need of repair and so the Parish Council thought it only right that they should apply to the Borough Council for the much needed funds to sort it out. The request was approved and the memorial improved and everyone was happy again.

I am presently working on the Rowledge memorial but will soon move onto Dockenfield. There appears to be no record of the memorial anywhere except for minor snippets relating to the restoration. So, today, Mirinda drove me over to take photos and generally check it out.

Dockenfield well/memorial

Jane Moultrie, by the way, was the fourth daughter of Crawford Davison who once owned Pierrepont Lodge which I wrote about when Day-z and I were living at Frensham. The entry is here.

Jane married George Austin Moultrie, one of the Surrey Moultries, and lived at St Austin’s, a fine country residence not all that far from the Holly Bush in Frensham.

We spent a lovely little while snapping photos of the memorial and the names thereon before climbing back aboard Max and heading off, through the ridiculously busy traffic of the village and, after a wrong turn, onward to the Forest Lodge Garden Centre to buy all of their terracotta pots and a couple of small plants. And two bottles of beer.

At home I did some gardening while listening to the cricket while Mirinda continued to improve, healthwise. She swears by Garden Centre Shopping as a cure for most ills.

A short Hot Border video
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