It IS cricket

It would appear that Mirinda is on the narrow lane to recovery. Today, rather than being glued to her Macbook Air or watching endless episodes of Friends, she spent a lot of time clearing out the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the bedroom like she’d threatened to do.

When I went into the bedroom late on it was as if a bomb had hit it. It was so bad that the duvet was covered to the extent that Freya couldn’t find it. Her distress was palpable. She loves the duvet to the exclusion of all else. It is her best friend.

That’s not to imply that Mirinda’s quite well yet. No, the cough still rears it’s ugly hack every now and then but she seems a bit brighter in herself. Who knows, tomorrow she might do some gardening.

I did a little bit of gardening today. I moved a silver fern-like plant from the bowl that was going to be our water feature but wound up being for plants to the front garden. The bowl will now become something for Mirinda to fill with miniature conifers and other Pixie favourites.

I also ordered some theatre tickets and managed to fix an issue I was having with the Sonos. I actually joined a discussion group for the Sonos problem and had a very in-depth and involved reply from a very generous tech-type person.

It turned out to be something very simple. The laptop that is home to the Sonos controller and our music library has suddenly started to go to sleep after 20 minutes rather than just turning the screen off as it is supposed to. I managed to find the problem and fix it. This just proves Occam’s Razor yet again.

The other big thing today was the Australian cricket team beating England at Lords in their Cricket World Cup match. Australia only managed 285/7 after the full 50 overs and the English must have figured this was going to be a win. But, after starting their innings with 0/1 then losing Root very early and cheaply, it was going to be a bit uphill. Australia managed to bowl them out for 221 after only 44.4 overs.

Australia has had to contend with a lot of booing during this competition which sees the return from suspension of Warner and Smith following their cheating in South Africa. I think, rather than put them off, the derision has made them stronger and more determined to win. Now THAT’S the Australian spirit.

I also dyed my hair ahead of my next trip to the hairdresser on Thursday. Like the person who cleans before the cleaner arrives, I like my hair to be coloured before someone else gets their hands on it.

Of course there was a walk in the park as well
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