The gardeners came today only it wasn’t Gardener Dave because he’s away somewhere. Expecting Hacker Bill to turn up instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find two fellows I’d never met before arrive to work some magic. (They didn’t introduce themselves and I didn’t ask so they’ll have to be Bill and Ben for now.)

And, to be fair, Bill and Ben mostly did work some magic. Because of the impending greenhouse, we needed the stick pile moving and the old shed slab organised a bit better. They managed to do this quite quickly as they did with the mowing, which given the postage stamp that is our grassed area, is not surprising.

Then, rather than come and ask me what to do next, Bill and Ben started indiscriminately weeding the Wildflower Patch. (Why do people think wildflowers = weeds?)

I was sitting at the dining table, keeping an eye on them but they managed to sneak in while my attention was averted. As soon as I realised what they were doing, however, I was up and out, discouraging them. They were suitably chastised.

‘Up and out’ sounds rather dramatic and swift but, of course, I was no such thing. More like slow and methodical.

We then went up the back where I found them more work to do that involved tidying up rather than destroying and left them to it. They managed to complete a lot of stuff up the back without any further problems.

A little later I discovered that one of them had used a hoe to decimate a circle of seedlings I’d laboriously planted a couple of weeks ago. I guess they were under the strange assumption that they were weeds. I’d even left the stick with the seed packet stuck in the middle but it made now difference. Hack, hack, hack and gone.

Fortunately Gardener Dave will be back next time, a man who knows what he’s doing and, more importantly, knows our garden.

The day was rather grey with an occasional spit of rain, and humid with it. Not particularly pleasant though at least the storms waited for the night.

Mirinda still unwell and coughing distressingly. Mind you, she did manage a work call today and it didn’t go too bad.

From the terrace
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