The hedge bed – year 8 (Day-z Bed)

I don’t always remember to write this update but yesterday I noticed a couple of early entries from years 1 and 2 so thought I’d make sure I did this year. First, though, I need to say that the bed was renamed the Day-z Bed (her grave stone is in it after all) quite a while ago which explains the title.

There’s not been a lot of change from last year’s removal of the clematis which always benefited Neighbour Dave far more than us as it tried, in vain, to search out the better garden to inhabit. You can see the wires where it was supported just to the left of centre in the photo below.

Day-z Bed

The rosemary is, surprisingly, still alive though quite stunted. The plan is for it to go. We’ll get another one to put somewhere a little more sunny.

What you can’t see from the photo is the primulas (cowslip) laid around the box near the arch entrance to Carmen’s Sweet Escape. These I recently transplanted from pots and, like the various moved bluebells, will go toward creating a lovely woodland area…without the actual wood.

Needless to say, nothing is flowering at the moment.

Directly across from the Day’z Bed, the Hot Border is thriving with the Alstroemerias (Peruvian lily) doing remarkably well, spreading throughout the marjoram and up the mock orange like nobody’s business. As Mirinda says, while we have some failures when you find a plant that works well in a particular part of the garden, you have to go with it.

Alstroemeria Grove

Yesterday, during a lull in the rain, I planted some more bedding plants along the front of the Hot Border.

Waiting for the colour to come

Of course, today it rained. It was actually beautiful when I walked up to the gym but, as I walked home through the park, the rain started. It didn’t really stop after that.

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