Simple pleasures

Today we were originally going to join Dr Dawn and Nicktor at the Dunsfold Air Show. The Cansfields have raved about it and, after the debacle which was the final Farnborough Airshow, we wanted to give it a try. Then, following the Shoreham case, it was announced that 2019 would be the final airshow at Dunsfold as well, which gave us another reason for going.

That was a while ago and while part of me was looking forward to going, another part was concerned it might just be a bit much given we were to have Sophie and Tom on Friday, the Victory Dinner on Saturday then the airshow on Sunday. That sort of thing is all well and good when you’re a teenager but just wears me out these days.

Then there was the weather.

With all the rain we’ve had over the last few weeks, standing at an airfield looking up at aircraft was not the most appealing day out I could imagine. In fact, nature teaches me that looking up during rain tends to fill one’s eyes with water, making the planes look like they’re underwater.

So, you could say that I felt a strong feeling of relief when I had an early text from Nicktor saying he’d overdone it last night aboard the Victory (I told him not to dance that hornpipe) and he’d be needing to rest his tender tendon with little weight upon it.

Likewise, when Mirinda woke up barely able to speak and saying she felt awful, I felt the airshow was a thing of the past. And so it was.

Instead we pottered. Mirinda also spent a lot of time trying to work out how to move photos between devices without using the Cloud, something that is not as easy as it should be using a pair of, supposedly, simple Apple devices.

Mirinda also did some gardening when the weather allowed.

Window box outside my office

Actually, the afternoon turned out lovely, with plenty of sunshine and a light breeze. It also wasn’t too hot so standing on an airfield watching planes might have been a bit more delightful than I’d anticipated. Still, it was lovely sitting (lying) on the terrace, enjoying the simple pleasure of our far from simple garden.

Taking a break

We did manage to leave the house just before prevening when we took the girls to the Castle and back. And you can imagine our delight when the Red Arrows flew over on their way to Dunsfold (we assumed) from their base at Farnborough. Okay there was no coloured smoke or close formation flying but they were quite low and looked fantastic.

I guess that means that we sort of saw an airshow today.

We were tempted to try the barbecue but, instead, I roasted the half leg of lamb I bought from the butcher yesterday morning. It was, quite simply, delicious. We’re thinking that perhaps a barbecue will be possible tomorrow.

The beautiful clematis on Arch #2
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  1. Mirinda says:

    Sadly my throat has got worse and worse! So just as well we rested!It is heavenly just sitting on our terrace.

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