Five foot eight

Being a Friday, I should have been working today on the war dead. And, to be fair, I did work for about three hours. However, a lot of my day was spent in failed cooking. Sophie and Tom were coming over for dinner and a bed so I decided to cook some special treats.

I’m sure it happens to the best cooks and I’m thankful it doesn’t happen often but nothing really worked very well today. Except dessert. Dessert worked and some people might say that that is more than enough. Everything else, though, was a bit of a flop.

I made some courgette chips then forgot they were in the oven and they were more like charcoal chips. I also tried some cheesy pizza crisps but they just melted all over the baking sheet. It was from a woman who creates a lot of keto recipes that I use. Needless to say it’s not a recipe I’ll try again.

Then the lamb and pistachio patties cooked too fast while the oven veg was a bit pathetic. At least the cacik was okay. And, as I said, the dessert which was simplicity itself – raspberries, blueberries and double cream blended up and chilled then topped with a single berry, a dribble of cream and walnuts.

Fortunately the company more than made up for my food failings.

You’d think it was cold!

As can be seen from the above photograph, we managed to eat outside. The weather today was very kind with no rain for most of it and sun for large periods. In fact, we even managed to go up to the park for a bit of a ball chase. Sadly without a Flicka-stik™.

I was amazed at how dry the park was given the amount of rain that has fallen on it. Emma who normally returns with wet legs from running through long grass, was bone dry. Freya rarely gets wet. Speaking of Freya, it was such a joy walking her without a lead now her season is finished.

Avenue of Trees

As well as failed cooking, park walking and a little bit of research, I was busy tidying up for our visitors who turned up precisely at 6pm as Sophie had promised. Not a bad run, she said, even though they drove right through the centre of Basingstoke. At peak hour. On a Friday! She blamed her satnav because she doesn’t have a Gary.

Mirinda arrived about two minutes after them and couldn’t believe how tall Tom has suddenly become. Five foot eight, Sophie proudly informed us. Given his bouncy hair, I noted, that puts him taller than me.

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