Our very own Slab

I was a bit concerned that today the weather would be as lashingly lousy as yesterday. The main reason for my concern was the fact that Ron was coming round to lay a big slab of concrete up the back, something which is a bit difficult when the rain is torrential. My concern, however, was unfounded as the day progressed through grey to blue, back again and no sign of the wet.

Poor Ron had to work yesterday and said he was covered in head to toes in mud and concrete. I said it was a good thing he hadn’t gone swimming then. He showed me his trailer which was very dirty.

In passing, Ron told me he hadn’t had a day off since January – no weekends, no sickies, nada, nothing, nowt. He’s going to treat himself to a trip to Spain this weekend coming. I told him this wasn’t a treat but a very important bit of rest. He agreed. I hope he’s making money out of it because that’s a long time without a break.

He works very hard, does Ron. While I gave them a coffee first thing and they had to go and buy some more hard core about halfway through, they worked pretty much non-stop from 11am to 5pm.

At the halfway point

Because the side gate was open for most of the day and Emma can’t be trusted, the dogs had to stay inside for most of the time. They didn’t seem to mind that much except when Ron suddenly appeared from around the side or his mate appeared from down the back. Generally they just stayed asleep.

I, on the other hand, did some research work between washing loads (Freya has finished her latest season which means a lot of towels need very strong washing) and managed to complete the Chiddingfold memorial. I’m now ready to start on Rowledge.

At about 14:15 a friendly delivery man knocked and handed me a very big box, joking that he’d be back in a couple of hours to take advantage of the contents. I laughed and told him he’d better pray the rain stayed away then. And to bring meat.

For the next couple of hours I was busy building the contents of the box. Stupidly I didn’t take a photo of the contents before assembly. However, this is the finished thing:

So Mirinda can cook for guests in the summer

It wasn’t that difficult as long as the instructions were followed. Mirinda, for some reason, has the idea that I don’t follow instructions (or manuals). I corrected her, saying that I’ve always followed the instructions given it makes it easier. I think she’s perhaps confused me with herself and the fact that I generally understand the instructions.

The lid even works

Now we just have to wait for a decent day to christen it beneath the sun. I’m really looking forward to wafting delicious smells over the fence to Neighbour Dave’s patio.

Meanwhile, as I sweated away with the big doors closed and the extension pretending to be a sauna, Ron and his mate (he never told me his name but I have to assume it was Dave) battled away, hacking and mixing and laying until, finally, the slab was laid and it looked beautiful.

Of course, when we went to inspect his work, the puppies had to accompany us. Actually, Emma was very friendly to Ron. She let him pat her and fuss over her, something quite rare. We decided it was either because he was very nice smelling or his doberman was.

Anyway, all was well and he drove off to some other job in some other town, leaving us to glory in our very own slab.

Just waiting for the greenhouse
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