Yew trim

Today marks the actual 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the world’s media attention was drawn to Normandy. Footage from all along the coast was wall to wall at the gym. It was odd seeing all the places I’d recently visited with the Weasels now full of people and, in the case of a lone piper, atop a mulberry. Apart from having to endure the TV being on in the men’s changing room (a pet hate) it made a change from Brexit.

Not that the Brexit relief lasted long because a few of the veterans despaired that the continent they fought to keep free is descending into the same sort of intolerant fascism that turns their sacrifice into so many wasted lives.

The funniest moment came not from Normandy but from the Republic of Ireland. In a meeting with Leo Varadkar, Donald Trump likened the border issue between the Republic and Northern Ireland as the same as his wall idea between the US and Mexico. He seems to think he understands the Irish situation but proves, yet again, he’s an incompetent fool. Which just proves that people get the leaders they deserve.

Away from the news, the Saga of Mirinda’s Greenhouse continued at the house with the 1st Call Tree guys arriving in the afternoon to give two over-hanging trees a bit of a trim.

The two offending trees are the yew in the corner between us and Neighbour Dave and the massive conifer on the opposite side. Both of them needed reducing because they were too low for the greenhouse roof. The sun needed to be freed.

The yew before

This photograph is going to be impossible once the greenhouse is completed, particularly given I’m standing inside where it will be. I have quite a few photographs like this, showing the place before and, when I look back, I am amazed. As I said to the 1st Call guys, thanks to them, our garden has changed beyond any recognition. I’d love to know what Maxine would think if she were to return for a day.

It only took just over an hour and the back of the garden was suddenly lighter and more open. The yew was looking trimmer and the not-yet-built greenhouse gable, free from interference. They did an excellent job.

The yew after

It’s quite difficult to see what was done to the conifer so I haven’t included a photo of it. However, as a sort of before the greenhouse photo, here’s how the back of the garden looked at around 4pm after the guys had packed up and left.

I just need to remember to take the same shot when the greenhouse is built

The next stage is the concrete base which is being created by Ron next week.

To cap it all off, the Aussie cricket team beat the West Indies in the Cricket World Cup today. Amidst the boos of the crowd, they showed they are on the way back.

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