Seven down to Six

Paul Darrow died yesterday. He was 78 and his health has not been the best for the past few years. He’s most remembered (by us anyway) as Kerr Avon in Blake’s 7, though he was also in Toast of London as well as on the West End stage. I’m sure we’ve seen him on stage but, sadly, I can’t remember in what.

A while ago he was attempting to produce a sequel to Blake’s 7, set 25 years after the end of the original but it never happened. Sadly.

RIP Kerr Avon

As for me, the day was all about housework as the weather drizzled in and out. We managed to get caught in the rain when we went up to the park (Freya on a lead) but otherwise, we stayed inside and cleaned.

All a bit dull.

The Avenue of Trees provided some shelter

While I dusted and polished, I listened to the TMS commentary of the Sri Lanka v Afghanistan Cricket World Cup match. It provided a bit of excitement. The game was rain affected and had to rely on the old Duckworth, Lewis (and latterly Stern) formula which no one seems to really understand, least of all me.

Sri Lanka wound up winning by 34 runs but it was a close thing at times with wickets tumbling very quickly for both teams. There wasn’t a lot of time for the commentators to discuss pigeons, though Duckworth, Lewis (and latterly Stern) were talked about at length.

In sadder news today, Basil fell asleep and didn’t wake up. He was 17. A grand old age for a Westie. Our thoughts were with Dawn and Nicktor. At least it wasn’t a surprise.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Poor Avon. I thought he was so sexy – if somewhat evil – in Blake 7.And poor dear Basil.


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