Tapas tonight

Today we went to the garden centre, firstly to look at barbecues and, secondly, to buy a little hose fitting. While we did look at and I selected the barbi I’d like to have (though as the non-cooking partner in this relationship, Mirinda should really be the Barbi Operator) and I found the little hose fitting I needed, we wound up filling Max with quite a few bedding plants.

All we needed

I’m always quite surprised at the amount of people who seem to spend their entire Sunday at the garden centre. They have lunch in the restaurant and their kids play happily in the kids play area. It’s a real family day out.

Call me mad but I reckon taking the kids to the beach (it was the hottest day of the year so far) or for a bit of a tramp around Frensham Pond would be more fun for everyone than rocking back and forth on a duck resting atop a big rusting spring. But, of course, I don’t have kids and maybe they just scream to be taken to Squires.

So, we bought the hose fitting and most of the bedding plants before heading back home.

I only just managed to fit it all in Max

Back at home I returned to the kitchen. I’d decided, on the spur of the moment yesterday, to have tapas for dinner. This meant quite a bit of prep. There were ingredients to marinate, gazpacho to make, planning to do. So that took up a lot of my time.

The end result was well worth it. I made berenjenas (of course), roast red peppers, gazpacho, marinated chorizo, olives and manchego, asparagus and artichoke, Moorish skewers and garlic prawns. Mirinda said it was all delicious. And I believe her.

Tapas at Chez Gaz

I almost forgot. We also bought some much needed watermelon gin at the garden centre.

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