What a world

This morning I went shopping, as usual, and bought some fresh fish. Waitrose now allows its customers to bring their own containers for meat, fish and delicatessen items in an attempt to reduce their reliance on single use plastic. Of course, that works for me so I have a tin pink flamingo patterned container in which they place the plaice…or salmon as was the case today.

I should add here that I do this because I’m not happy filling up my bin with plastic waste every fortnight. I’d much rather Waitrose took ownership of the waste from their practices. I’m not that bothered by what other people do or don’t do but I find it remarkable that people don’t seem to care that much.

At the check-out, the woman who scanned my stuff was very pleased that I had fish in my own container. She said she thought it was definitely a positive step. She then said she despaired that her kids didn’t get it.

I have to say that this is something that mystifies me. My generation didn’t really know what we were doing (and maybe it’s right that we try and to be better) but this one, kids today, should be completely aware of the damage that plastics are doing. From suffocating turtles to drowning seabirds, the pictures are circulated everywhere for everyone to see.

I see every morning at Starbucks and Nero, uni students buying coffees in take away cups to drink in-store and I have to wonder why. What is it with our disposable society that our young would rather dispose of the entire thing rather than live in a more comfortable and full of life planet?

Then, today in the news, I see that the Philippines is sending 69 containers full of (mostly plastic) garbage back to Canada. At the same time, Malaysia is returning something like 3,000 metric tonnes of garbage back to various countries like the US, Australia, Japan, France, etc rather than remain being the world’s dumping ground.

The world is drowning in its own waste and taking all life with it. I don’t think there’s a solution because people are very, very short term and the majority can’t think ahead very far. They are also far too lazy for the good of the planet.

Mind you, maybe Elon Musk, rather than waste time with orbital wi-fi, could send the containers into the sun.

“Own your own shit!”
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