Beehive completion

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s important to remember that before getting angry and throwing your laptop across the room. I’m saying that to remind myself that the fact that this marks the second time writing this post is just one of those things and it won’t change the world or affect me in any way other than mild annoyance.

So. For the second time…

This morning I woke at the ungodly hour of 5am as usual, not getting a lie in, as usual and lay down with the girls to listen to the radio for a bit before heading up to Farnham for the usual latte and shop. Speaking of which; there’s a new shop in the Borough. It’s between Botanicals and Smith’s and, I think, it sells women’s clothes.

The previous shop was an outdoors outfitters type of place. I only went in once and that was to buy hiking boots but they didn’t have any for me. I wound up buying a pair in Winchester. So it goes.

Back at home I was very much surprised to find Mirinda busily shovelling fresh dirt onto her Macbook Air. I asked her what it had done to displease her so much. She was confused and appalled at her behaviour and fitfully asked me to fix it. I took her Macbook Air and cleaned it off. Fortunately the lid had been closed. I dread to think what would have happened had the lid not been closed.

Anyway, disaster averted, she went off to Skype while I chained myself to the kitchen in order to decant the beef bone broth which had been happily bubbling away for the previous 24 hours. I then made Mirinda a couple of Americanos before heading outside to stake and straighten the mahonia which had started to droop. This required my going down the side of the house, battling the ferns and generally getting very scratched by the plant I was trying to help.

Having successfully straightened the mahonia, it was time to finish painting the beehive compost bins.

The day was a bit cloudy but there was no rain on the horizon so it was perfect to sit and paint and listen to the final England v Pakistan ODI (from Headingly and England won) while Mirinda worked away on the terrace pottering and potting around.

The day was made complete with pork with green butter which we ate on the terrace, finishing mere seconds before the heavens opened up and the garden received a vast drenching.

We sat back on the recliners and listened to the rain on the ceiling lantern. We were pleased with our day.

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2 Responses to Beehive completion

  1. Mirinda says:

    It was a lovely day and the best pork roast everI’m loving these non doctorate weekends!

  2. Mirinda says:

    Also like the new stripe picture

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