The day Mirinda didn’t take me to Chawton with her

Today was mostly spent in the garden apart from my trip into town to buy a whole load of meat from the butcher where the discussion revolved mostly around cricket. Who am I kidding; it was ALL about cricket.

As the butcher loaded my trolley with sausages, pork joint, bacon and lamb chops (not forgetting the beef bones) we discussed the various pros and cons of the modern one day game. We agreed that we didn’t like the loud music played whenever anything happened. He found it most distasteful. I told him about Nicktor’s opinion that he didn’t like being told when to applaud. We all nodded our heads in agreement, even the chap who walked in in the middle of the discussion to pick up some barbeque requirements.

Actually, it’s just occurred to me that it’s always men in the butcher’s of a Saturday morning. Not that there’s any more than one other than me but I’ve yet to see a woman there. Though I do arrive just as they’re opening so maybe it’s that. I have no idea what the statistics are for morning shoppers divided into male and female…though it probably depends on the shop.

Anyway, from the butcher to Starbucks to Waitrose then home where Mirinda and Max were missing.

I knew she had to go to Chawton in order to buy this month’s Book Group volume but I’d thought we were both going. Using my always handy Locate Mirinda app, I found her at the garden centre next to Birdworld. While she filled at least seven trolleys with various growing things, I chopped and watered and had the beef bone broth bubbling away in the slow cooker in no time.

A little later I checked her whereabouts again given she’d been gone more than long enough to buy more stuff than would fit in Max and discovered she was at Chawton. I figured I’d not be going then.

Eventually she returned, Max filled to the gunnels and I realised I’d not have fitted in the car anyway. I emptied him of a veritable jungle of plant matter. And then we started gardening.

My job was in the front garden. Mirinda wanted one of my obelisks against the fence with sweet peas growing up it. She also wanted lots of bedding plants dotted around the gaps.

As I worked, my senses were assailed with various scents. The wisteria has started flowering and the Sophie Rose joined in. It was a heady combination and made the job all that much easier.

In the back, Mirinda was planting and weeding and reading (the new Book Group volume). Most of her gardening involved alpines. Since the demise of the herb table/alpine bed, she has been dotting pots around with the tiniest little Pixie gardens. Here’s one:

A river runs through

You can just see the windmill standing by the small river. She bought it on Etsy and it’s supposed to reflect the one in our garden – the windmill not the river.

We also had a delivery today.

Ages ago I ordered a new pot stand. I was told it would take a while because they had to make it. And it turned up today. It is now covered in alpine pots and looking lovely. We bought it from the same company that supplied the other pot holder against the brick wall. Like most things, I refused to buy the same type. I much prefer variety to symmetry.

It was a good day in the garden.

Before I go, here’s a short video I made this afternoon showing the progressive nature of painting the beehive compost bins.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    I like how the dogs and the chairs move around too! Though there’s quite a long period when Emma is just asleep in the same place. Surely not ..,,


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