A very helpful hand

Today, being a Friday, meant work though not before going to the gym then shopping. And, I’m glad to say that the gym was not as crowded as the last Friday I went. Mirinda had thought it was because it was the Friday before a bank holiday and maybe she was right. Whatever the reason, the gym just had the usual people and there were no crowds hogging the machines.

Meanwhile, in the world of WWI memorials, I’d run into a bit of a hole. A few of the more common surnames had me stumped. (It’s remarkable just how many FH Smiths died in the war.) It meant I was reduced to entering an initial and a surname on the database – always a sad option.

Then I had an idea. I wondered whether the church where the memorial is located had any information. Actually, I initially only wanted a photograph of the names so I could check the list I had was correct but my desire for information was well surpassed.

I had an email late on from Penny who sent me a complete list of names of all the people on the memorial. I suddenly went into a mad rush to get a record complete. It was very, very satisfying. So, thank you, Penny. It was a brilliant reply.

Just as brilliant is the garden at the moment. The bulbs are all finished and it’s time for the roses to start. There are lots and lots of buds but, today anyway, only one bloom. It’s out the front on, what we call, the Sophie Rose.

It smells divine

The other thing that has run rampant – in the nicest possible way – is the potato vine. From very small beginnings, this thing has taken over the fence at the back of the Wildflower Patch. Gardener Dave is regularly cutting it back.

I can see it from my office

Throughout the day I also sat and watched numerous sparrows stopping off in the newly weeded section opposite my office as they rolled around having dust baths. It was wonderful.

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2 Responses to A very helpful hand

  1. Mirinda says:

    Of course she was right

  2. Mirinda says:

    And see all that gardening is worth it


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