Would you like rat with that?

I had a Farnham Talking Newspaper today which means leaving early with no chance for gym, dog walk or anything much. I did manage to do a load of washing and put it on the line, hoping the good weather that has besieged us would remain in place. It did and there was even a helpful breeze to aid in the drying process.

And the session was very, very funny. I had John the ex-vicar, Margaret and Tricia reading for me with the always generous Charles at the controls.

Margaret arrived early and set to with a long list of bones she’d like replaced. It was my fault really. I should know better than to ask how people are. Tricia turned up just after Margaret and her face lit up when she realised I was presenting. This is always nice.

Mind you, I think she may have changed her mind during the recording when, she said, I kept making her crack up, something I always did.

While, obviously, I was my usual cheeky self, I blame John this time. He has a particularly acute sense of comic timing. As an example, this week he had a story about a Chinese restaurant and it’s problems with various things. Uppermost was the food hygiene rating which was a measly 1 even though it was very popular.

The end of the piece mentioned that in the past they had had problems with rats but things had improved now.

That seems innocuous enough but John’s delivery was perfect and when the mike went to Tricia she was helpless with laughter. Of course, after this, there were lots of rat comments flying around and I finished the recording by suggesting that if one’s Chinese takeaway starts to squeak, it’s a good idea not to eat it. That finished things nicely.

We also had a new listener this week so I dedicated the edition to her. I hope she enjoyed my particular brand of chaotic news presentation. It was also the anniversary of my first presenting session. It was May 19, 2011 and I was very nervous and made mistakes all over the place. Eight years has just swept by in a flurry of microphones and new stories.

It was then the long, hard walk home where I eventually found a washing line full of extremely dry clothes.

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