Choose Life

Mirinda had a couple of choices today. With all the Thesis work over the last decade, a free Sunday is a rare thing so she wanted to spend it in a way that would bring her most joy. After Skype that is.

Choice One was for us to go and visit an open garden. Choice Two was to stay at home and work in our garden. After a short deliberation with herself she picked Choice Two.

And the day was glorious; perfect to spend in the garden. Which is what we did.

My contribution mostly consisted of helping lug the old herb table to the working area and marking out the space for the new glasshouse…again. We also had to work out the jobs for the gardeners tomorrow given Mirinda won’t be here – she has a work conference she can’t avoid.

Needless to say, that was about it for the day.

My highlight was finishing my old bottle of Fettercairn and admiring my new one – my present for helping with the Thesis.

Out with the old, in with the new
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