Pond life

I worked from home today, having gone shopping first. I also drilled some irrigation holes in a big, bulbous plant pot. (Why don’t they drill more holes in them?) I also took delivery of three bee hive compost bins (to replace the unattractive ones currently in the working area of the garden) and a bottle of Fettercairn (my reward for helping with the Thesis).

The weather managed to remain dry though there was, like the rest of the week, promised rain. Not that it was particularly hot. In fact I was in my office wearing a light fleece against the chilly breezes. Still, the day looked lovely through the park on the way into town.

I also made Mirinda a shepherd’s pie for her dinner tomorrow given I’ll be at the cricket with Nicktor and probably won’t really feel much like making it when I get home…whenever I get home.

Late in the day, Mirinda suggested taking the girls to Frensham Little Pond and, after a moment of hesitation, I joined them.

The traffic through Farnham was pretty dire and the reason soon became apparent. As part of the East Street Development, the one way system has, at one point, been reduced to a single lane.

The roof tiles have come off!

I noticed this yesterday, returning from the gym. The bus stopped beyond the traffic light you can see to the right of the photo. I thought they were going to completely stop stopping at the regular stop but, fortunately, sense won over.

Anyway, once through town and over the hill, the run down to Frensham was fine and we headed off, around the pond.

And it looked beautiful. It’s been ages since I’ve been and there were a few changes (new fencing being the biggest one) but, as I said, it was beautiful and that never changes.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Frensham was especially sparkly and we saw a swan head off a couple of geese


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