My happy optimism

Well, it’s done. Just after 6pm today I sent off the completed Thesis to be printed in preparation for the examiners. Mirinda spent most of the morning on final fluffing, then I applied some judicious formatting and fixed the few remaining errors (there’s always errors, no matter how many times you fix them) then converted the whole thing (it’s in excess of 300 pages) to a PDF. I then attached it to an email and waved it farewell as it headed for the uni print shop.

It felt very good. Mirinda was delighted to be free from it.

My morning was not as productive as my wife’s. I’d decided to visit the gym first thing. It being a bank holiday meant I should have checked the opening times. It also meant I should have realised the buses run on the Sunday (scarce) timetable.

The only pleasant parts about the long wasted trip to the gym were the general lack of traffic and, as a consequence of my stupidity, the empty car park at the gym. (It then dawned on me that the gym doesn’t have a bench outside. I could have waited outside until they did open except I’d have had to stand up. Clearly the car is king at my gym because drivers can easily sit if they have to wait. Pedestrians? No! Stand up, loser!)

Anyway, I don’t know what time they were actually going to open (their website unhelpfully stated that the early May bank holiday MIGHT change the opening times) and so I turned around and walked back to the bus stop. When I looked up the next bus I realised my further timetabling error, noting that the next bus was due in almost two hours. (Of course there’s no bench at the bus stop.)

I decided to walk back home, have a shower then restart my morning by going shopping. When I walked in the house, Mirinda, after asking why I was back so soon, told me that this morning was the best morning she’d ever seen. I blame her for the fact that this inspired me to wear shorts and t-shirt for my trip to the shops.

The day did look beautiful in the morning

It was on the way back, the weather having gurned somewhat, that the chilly wind made my legs go slightly blue. A lady, who I see often enough to exchange pleasantries with, remarked that she loved my happy optimism. She was referring to my shorts, t-shirt and Panama hat ensemble which, I admit, given the change of weather, did look a bit optimistic.

Back at home, the shorts were consigned to the Old Rose Room while a more realistic pair of trackies were acquired. Given I was going to be spending a number of hours in my office, I figured the extra leg warmth was a must.

And so, at dinner, we celebrated the fact that we won’t have to write the Thesis anymore.

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