Don’t vote? Don’t complain!

This morning dawned bright and blue. The sun quickly warmed everything up enough for me to wear shorts and t-shirt for the day. And it was quite a busy day. Not that it started off that busy but by 9:30 I was off, down to the Territorial Army in order to cast my votes in the local elections.

Democracy = voting

I placed my crosses, carefully avoiding the ones that said Conservative in order to add my name to the Brexit Remainer backlash, folded my ballot papers and popped them into their respective boxes. I was the only person there, apart from the officials.

(I read a funny story on Twitter later in the day regarding the spoiling of ballot papers. As well as the inevitable rude pictures, another favourite was for people to just put a big cross, corner to corner across the ballot paper, indicating their dissatisfaction with everyone. The trouble is that this sometimes crosses a voting box and the party in the middle of the paper ALWAYS claims the vote, suggesting that the person voting was merely extremely demonstrative.)

As I arrived, one of the officials remarked on my outfit, suggesting that I mustn’t feel the cold. She was wearing a big puffy jacket, jeans, a scarf and a beanie. I told her it was quite warm in the sun but I understood her feeling cold in the big hall.

The thing is, she may have been right. The weather made a massive turnabout in the middle of the day and the rain belted down at about 6, soaking everything. Well, not me because I was inside by then but Mirinda managed to get a bit wet in town.

But that was all much later. As for me, I was off to the Talking Newspaper for a Haslemere edition. And what a lot of fun it was. Possibly the best fun for ages.

My team was a delight and we had the added benefit of an ‘observer’ called Glennis. Glennis is a new volunteer about to come on board and Tony has decided that, as part of a beginner’s training, they should sit in on a recording. I think Glennis enjoyed herself as much as the rest of us though everyone warned her that there’s no other Presenter like me. Quite the contrary, actually.

Still, fun is what it’s all about and we had a lot today, bursting out of the studio like a bunch of giggling children.

As I left the studio, the weather had changed, the sky was black and threatening, there was wet in the air and a cruel wind had sprung up from somewhere chilly. Still, I managed to remain dry as I shopped then headed home to two crazy puppies and, eventually, a hungry wife.

A rare view

The photo above is a rare view of the buildings in the distance. The hoardings with Berkeley written on them are around what was once the Woolmead. Once the new building is complete, this view will vanish again. It kind of shows how open it would look if someone had the bright idea of putting a park there.

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