1062 degrees, baby!

Following the devastating burning of Notre Dame the other day, one of our newspapers printed an evocative photograph showing an untouched golden cross standing defiant while all around was blackened ash. I don’t read newspapers so I wouldn’t have known about the photograph had I not read a tweet which featured the photograph and stated  that it was the hand of god and was undeniable proof of his existence.

Ignoring the fact that it was him that allowed the thing to burn in the first place, my favourite response on twitter was this:

Nice one Judith!

That made me laugh out loud. Kind of like the continuing hilarity of a podcast that Lisa recommended I listen to.

It’s called My Dad Wrote a Porno and, seriously, it’s laugh out loud funny. I was listening on the plane coming back from Oz and had to stop myself exploding with mirth many, many times. I’ve started listening to episodes while having lunch (and dinner), ignoring the possible choke hazards.

Meanwhile, on the way to the gym this morning, I discovered a rather odd addition to the big roundabout I circumvent on the way.


The only explanation I can come up with is that people have been driving across the roundabout. Okay, this is unlikely given the forest growing on it but why else would an established roundabout need this sort of over the top signage? (By the way, Home James doesn’t exist anymore. They were bought by VGT taxis.)

After shopping and walking home and eating lunch (and listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno) I took the girls to the park for a much needed (according to Emma) walk/run/ball chase.

Avenue of Trees

I also snapped another couple of flower photos from our garden. First our beautiful camellia is being bloomin’ bountiful:

Our Lady loves them

And another close up of one of the yellow and red tulips, this time in a pot on the terrace.


The weather has continued to improve which is why I wore just shorts and t-shirt all day.

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