Joy in the garden

Yesterday the gardeners came and I was in charge. The reason I was in charge is because Mirinda has gone away with Fi and Bob for a week. I was given a long list of jobs that needed doing and a practical tour of the garden to make sure I knew the difference between geraniums and tulips.

Gardener Dave and Paul assured me they knew what they were doing and went at it. And I have to say, the garden looked fantastic when they’d finished.

Pots on the terrace

The garden is really starting to come alive after the long sleep of winter. Tulips are following on from the daffodils and freesias to add to the yellow with splashes of red and purple. The insects are starting to appear as well, buzzing around the blooming glory.

Ex-wildflower meadow

I love the garden at this time of year (particularly when all I have to do is admire it) as it begins to burst forth. Colours that have been hidden, suddenly splash stunning shades of serious sparkle about the place. It becomes alive.

Of course, there’s still the weeds…but that’s never going to stop.

The tulips in the front garden are still magnificent. Here’s a better photo than the other day, given I took it from the front instead of overhead.

Spanish tulips?

Of course, we went to the park and Freya made friends with a very big, very hairy Dulux dog. I really wanted to get a photo of them together but only managed this:

Watch out for the tail!

The rest of the day was spent working on the transference of amendments between thesis versions for Mirinda. Meanwhile she was off enjoying a high tea overlooking the sea somewhere on the Devon coast.

Oh, and I went to the gym today for the first time in over two weeks. Upon my return home, I had my usual Tuesday weigh-in and it seems that I lost half a kilo in Queensland. I guess that’s what going OMAD will do for you!

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