Richest girl in Caloundra

This morning, just gone midnight, I woke up suddenly alert. It was very quiet and very dark. I couldn’t return to sleep. I read for a bit then gradually my eyes closed and I drifted off again. I then woke at 6:15. Bloody jetlag.

Today was all a bit tropical. Sudden downpours in that specific Queensland, drenching fashion which, by some miracle of timing, I managed to witness from the benefit of shelter each time it happened. One of the most fortunate timings involved being at a bus shelter rather than on a bench in the open, waiting for my bus.

The latter was because I decided to buy a Go Card to ‘…use on all public transport throughout the south eastern Queensland area’. There’s only two places to buy them here in Caloundra. I decided to go to the Night Owl Convenience knowing it’s close to the Gloria Jean on Bulcock Street.

Gloria Jean on Bulcock Street seems to have gone so, instead I went to the cafe next door to where Gloria Jean used to be. Mind you, according to their store locator, it is still there. Curious. Anyway, the coffee at the other place was fine and I did get to meet the richest girl in Caloundra who works there.

Bulcock Street

As I was walking down from the Night Owl Convenience, happily clutching my new Go Card, a man who sounded like he’d had an 80% proof breakfast started telling everyone how this particular woman, who was delivering coffee, was “THE RICHEST GIRL IN CALOUNDRA!

She kept denying it but he would have none of her excuses and decided to proclaim it far and wide. It was very funny. It was even funnier when he was on my bus and claimed I was stalking him. I told him I was and he should be careful.

While waiting for the bus, the heavens opened up and the street was drenched. I watched many people running for shelter while happily sitting under mine.

A dry moment before the rain

And the day was spent very similarly to yesterday (and probably the rest of the week) sitting and talking and, basically, being with mum. Though there was an incident of blood on the floor which had to be cleaned up. The blood was from neither of us, I should add.

After work, Denise picked me up and we drove back to flat for a cup of tea before she left me to my salad tea. I managed to go OMAD again, Mirinda will be pleased to note.

Speaking of my salad dinner, I keep forgetting to include the photo below. I found them in Coles on Sunday. I like to think of them as a martini without the nonsense.

The best olives EVAH!
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  1. Mirinda says:

    Well done on the omad.I disagree. Those olives are definitely missing something…

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