In the air

The sign in Terminal 3 at Heathrow claims that it takes 20 minutes to walk to Gate 35. When the gate number came up I sighed and headed off as fast as my cane allowed me. When I left the starting line I noted the time. Seven minutes later I reached Gate 35. Now I’m wondering who they used to test the timings.

I guess it could have been an old man with nerve lacking legs and a walking stick but I somehow doubt it. Whoever it was walks more than twice slower than I do. I’d really have to make an effort to take 20 minutes. This is in direct contrast to Hong Kong.

But earlier…

Earlier, the taxi was on time and we talked about extensions and lighting systems all the way to the airport. It was an entertaining hour because I was singing the praises of our lighting system to the driver who was most interested. Also the Sonos which he said he’d heard great things about. I think I’ve managed to escalate the cost of his extension in direct proportion to the high technology he is going to have installed.

Check-in was a breeze and they took my parrot bag and I sailed through security and went to Yo Sushi for my yearly treat. I decided to order their new ramen and a miso. I also ordered a beer, forgetting that it was only 9:30 in the morning. This is the sort of effect an airport has on me. It’s like tie zones converge. Most irritating though delicious.

Delicious because the beer I had was infused with yuzu, seaweed and pepper. A magical beer with a distinct Japanese twist.

Fully sated, I headed for Gate 35 and, eventually but very quickly, onto the plane. Actually, I was the second person on the plane. There was an unaccompanied young girl ahead of me but then, having been selected because of my stick, I strode on like the King of Cathay Pacific.

The trip to Hong Kong was as good as trips to Hong Kong can be except for a few minor things.

1 – Why do people not pay attention to the safety video? They are only a few minutes long and are not particularly taxing. It’s always good to be responsible for your own safety. Can people be so stupid that they prefer leaving their lives in the hands of absolute strangers? Strangers who will also be in danger of death and, therefore, not really care about the losers who didn’t ‘waste’ a few minutes watching a safety video because those measly minutes were far better engaged in browsing a magazine article on deodorant?

2 – When wearing a white top on a plane and leaving your overhead light on, please don’t lean forward too often. The top is like a mirror, sending light beams everywhere around the cabin, disturbing everyone else in Premium Economy.

3 – Bear in mind that when you’re wearing earplugs other people can still hear you grunting. Or be like the weird kid sitting next to me who made some odd other earthly noises as we sailed across the sky.

Other than those annoyances, the trip was okay and I think I managed to get 17 minutes sleep before landing in Hong Kong…

Oh, and Brexit did NOT happen today.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Yay!May the cacophony long continue

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