When I finally booked my trip to Oz I had to slot it in between Prior Organised Engagements. One of those POEs was this morning’s Talking Newspaper recording session. I was down to present the Farnham edition which meant that I couldn’t really leave for Oz until tomorrow, Friday.

I realise I could have swapped but I like being the person who will gladly swap with other people rather than the one who always needs to swap. As my grandfather never said “Better a swapper than a swappee be.” Anyway, it was Farnham which is the best one.

And today was one of the best of the best for today I met Nicola.

Last year I helped out at the Retirement Fair at the Maltings where we managed to retain the services of Jane as a sound engineer. This year I couldn’t help out but it didn’t stop us gaining another recruit. This was Nicola and today Charles was taking her through a recording of an edition. I can only assume he didn’t realise it was going to be me presenting when he booked her in.

Nicola is a laugh. We hit it off straight away. Afterwards, as I was leaving, I told her she had to come back because I so wanted to work with her again. Hopefully I didn’t scare her off because today’s Farnham edition was a bit insane.

I blame myself entirely, particularly because my readers were very well behaved except when I made the giggle.

Overall it was one of those really enjoyable recording sessions that just fills me with so much joy I’d be happy for it to last forever. Though, thank goodness, it didn’t.

I shopped on the way home then took the girls for a belated walk before starting to pack. I have an early taxi tomorrow morning so I figured it best to start packing tonight.

I then cooked Mirinda dinner before, eventually, going to bed. I wasn’t that keen on getting too much sleep in order to sleep on the plane (when has that ever worked as a plan?) so just stayed up cleaning and shuffling things around pointlessly.

It was a fun and exhausting day.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Your grandad was also the one who gave us a superlatively ugly clock for our wedding – and he had won it at bingo or something

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