16 strings go south of the border

Today I worked from home and managed to finish off the Hale Memorial. To be fair, there were only two soldiers to research and a load I’d already done that needed adding but I still managed to finish. Now it just needs uploading.

The thing is, I needn’t have met Geoff last week because I didn’t actually use anything he let me scan. Even the two I researched. One was already part of the Farnham book and the other one was a bit forgotten. Completely. Though not anymore.

So that was mostly my day (as well as turning dirty clothes into a laundry mountain) while Mirinda worked on her Literature Review. Actually, I didn’t even go into town. I was all ready to. I was about to get dressed but then wondered why I was going. I couldn’t think of a reason. I stayed in my pyjamas as long as possible.

Then we had a bit of a treat.

Mirinda’s guitar teacher, David, also teaches a young man called William who he says is superb. His class is just before Mirinda so she gets to hear a bit of his class and she agrees. And tonight I discovered just how good William is.

Inside the music centre

David organised for William’s first concert tonight at the music centre and there was a big audience. In fact, they’d figured 32 chairs were enough to put out beforehand. 32 chairs were not enough. The audience was packed in, eager to hear William’s classical guitar.

He’s been playing guitar since he was six (he’s 18 now) and it shows. His fingers just seem to glide without thought or effort. The music he makes is delightful.

The concert included duets with David and his 10 string guitar (which is why it’s 16 strings) in the second half. It was all superb.

Mirinda, David and William discuss a possible guitar trio

A highlight was a wonderful version of My Favourite Things, a piece that Mirinda has been playing for a while. Also their version of Over the Rainbow was hauntingly beautiful. A marvellous concert it was.

Afterwards we went for dinner. We tried the new Greek place at The Fox but the car park was so full that people had started parking on the footpath. We then thought that Cote would be nice but it was full and the head waiter was a bit stand offish. We ended up in the Wheatsheaf which I love and now Mirinda does as well.

All round a good night.

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