Ladies’ Hockey?

Normally when I have an Alton edition of the Talking Newspaper, I’ll not go to the gym. That’s so I can take the girls for a walk before I leave at midday. However, having Mirinda at home for the week allows me to leave them happy and not alone. Plus I can go to the gym.

At the moment, I’m watching a Turkish TV series called Immortals (Yasamayanlar in Turkish) which features rather violent and aggressive vampires. It follows on from the second series of Suburra: Blood on Rome which was also violent and aggressive. I find such shows are perfect to get the blood pumping while I pedal furiously towards the wall in front of me. (Possibly not the best thing when there’s vampires about I guess.)

And so the time just flies by and it’s soon time to hit the showers (Who forgot to fill the soap dispensers this morning?) and then head back home.

A short time later I was off to Farnham.

The recording was very funny and not a little bit chaotic. I had a great team. Jenny was a bit disappointed because she thought it was going to be a team of ‘girlies’ as she said but was happy enough when I said I often stand in as a girlie and have no problem pretending for her sake. Besides I’d swapped with Mary and she’s only an M away from Gary.

Lindsay was in great form, taking me to task over my opinion regarding bottle collecting then staring at me with threats of violence when I said that Ladies’ Hockey players are not generally ‘ladies’ and more aggressive than the men. The irony was not lost on any of us. I blew her a kiss which probably didn’t help.

In the first position was the normally reliable, “I’m very old you know,” Margaret. She was asking someone if they were going to a play reading tomorrow and was quite surprised to discover that it was, actually on today…at the time she asked, in fact. She was not particularly surprised saying she was lousy at keeping an appointment book.

She claimed that the organisers wouldn’t miss her so it didn’t matter. I told her that was nonsense because I’m sure they had all been looking forward to seeing her given she’s so entertaining. She harrumphed, dismissively.

I was a bit wild today and now expect the inevitable backlash for being a bit too over the top. Unfortunately I tend to encourage the same sort of bad behaviour in my readers and can only hope that they don’t get into trouble as well. Mind you, Roy was our engineer and he has been known to cover my arse with his judicial editing.

Still, once all is said and done, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I can only hope we entertained our listeners as much.

On the way home (again because Mirinda was there with the girls) I stopped off at the Jolly Sailor for a pint. Mirinda quizzed me on not going to the Nelson Arms but I said the Jolly Sailor is run by one of our listeners (she wasn’t there today) and sometimes other presenters have a drink there.

Though today there was only two other chaps, one reading the newspaper, the other chatting to the barman. It made for the perfect stop off before heading to Waitrose. Then, eventually, home.

The Jolly Sailor on a Thursday prevening

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