Daddy Lynden

Before discussing my day I feel I haven’t said what I really think of the wifi on board the SWR trains. Sketchy at the best of times, non-existent at the worst, it is as reliable as a bucket with a disintegrating handle but not as useful. Quite often you can successfully attach to it but then the browser doesn’t automatically appear which means you can’t actually logon. On those days (like today) I type my blog into a document and then copy it over when I get home.

I wouldn’t mind so much but they really should advertise they have something that doesn’t always work rather than the nonsense they say at the moment.

Anyway, with that out of the way it’s back to my busy, busy day.

Having sweated at the gym and headed to the butcher, two things which are mutually exclusive, I made my way home in the full on wind and rain that was Storm Gareth. (I have to say that Gareth was a bit more storm-like than Freya was last week.)

When I spotted Max in the drive I figured that the weather had forced Mirinda and Lisa to stay inside rather than venture out on Day Two of the Mirinda Tour of Favourite Places. This was wrong. The house was empty (apart from two over-excited cockerpoos). I stood in the extension, the rain lashing against the glass and used my phone to locate Mirinda’s little friend. It was standing at the end of the Avenue of Trees, admiring our castle.

Eventually they came home having had to go out and hunt down some breakfast given the complete absence of cereal or toast at Chez Gaz. They went to Chez Bill instead and, apparently, the breakfast was very good. While there was a fair bit of dripping for a bit, the two of them soon dried off in order to head back out into the rain for a visit to Chawton House Library.

I shook my head then realised I’d have to head out into the same weather in an hour. And can I just say that the bus shelter at Farnham hospital should be renamed something less deceitful.

Getting wet

I was off to meet up with Lynden, Lou and baby Zac. They are over visiting Lou’s family and today was pretty much the only time I could get to see them. Lynden suggested London Bridge and I suggested The Rake if the weather was good. Given the fact that Storm Gareth was raging outside, I didn’t think The Rake was going to be the wisest of locations.

And, of course, I was correct. I sat with a pint of a pale ale called Earl Grey which tasted very strongly of tea, waiting for them and as soon as Lynden walked in it was decided we’d be much better heading round the corner to the more sheltered Southwark Tavern where we managed to commandeer a sizeable table and chairs just before the hordes descended.

We then sat and drank and talked and laughed and had a jolly old time. It’s always lovely spending time with Lynden. It reminds me of the good times we all had rather than the miserable ones. And, of course, Lou is a cack. The baby was very amusing though not great at conversation. He has quite a grip on him though.

Eventually it was time for me to stagger home. At least the rain had stopped. I walked into the house and collapsed on the lounge where I was soon joined by Emma. I hadn’t intended to stay there. I was very quickly asleep.

Lou does actually have eyes

[I would normally take a couple of photos and pick the best one but, probably because I was slightly intoxicated, the one above is it. Sorry, Lou.]

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