Colour co-ordination

I was sitting in Starbucks this morning, drinking my latte and typing when a woman came in, fresh from jogging. Actually that’s an assumption but she did look like she’d been out doing some sort of physical exercise. I wouldn’t normally take much notice given there’s often people in various bits of lycra adorning their bodies in Starbucks. However, this woman was a bit different.

I noticed her runners first because they were a sort of electric orange with white detailing. I rather like bright colours and couldn’t help being attracted to the sight of her shoes. Obviously, then, my eye travelled up to see what sort of person was wearing such striking footwear.

Her legs were clad in normal black leggings but her top, a running top by the looks of it, had a lot of bright orange in it. Sort of slashes rather than a block of colour. Around the orange, the top was predominantly black. A quick glance down confirmed that the orange of the top matched the orange in the shoes.

Her ensemble was completed with her hair. While not as bright and electric as her shoes and top, her hair was distinctly orange. When regarding the entire outfit, I have to say that it looked pretty good. I felt like telling her how cool she looked but thought she might think I was just being creepy. So I didn’t.

Instead of being a creepy old man, I went to Sainsbury’s in order to complete my food requirements for tomorrow night’s Japanese banquet. Unfortunately they didn’t have any baby turnips or baby leeks but I could work around that. The stuff they did have was far more important.

Then back home pausing momentarily by the alms houses in order to document their complete plastic wrapping.

Laura! Has anyone seen Laura?

At home I set to making spinach and tofu jelly and generally prepped as much as I could a day ahead. This mostly consisted of numerous sauces and marinades.

Overall and weather-wise, the day was lovely with quite a lot of blustery wind.

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