Feet by Elsa

Today at Kew Gardens, the temperature reached 21.2°. This is the hottest February day in Britain ever.  And the hottest winter day ever as well. The Met bureau reckons this is the end of the record breaking February heat and that the temperature will start to fall tomorrow leading to a drizzly Thursday.

While it’s all very pleasant being able to go to the park in shorts and a t-shirt again and not have to wash the girls’ feet afterwards, it is a bit concerning with regards to the climate (as opposed to weather). Hopefully (for my sake anyway) it won’t mean a ridiculously hot summer. 

Not that it’s particularly warm first thing or once the sun has set. In fact, the terrace tiles remain freezing cold beneath bare feet all day. Which means I had frozen feet all day given it’s easiest to wash the terrace tiles in my bare feet. The occasional thaws when I walked into the extension felt life affirming.

Something else this unseasonably warm weather has given me is an opportunity to hang the washing on the line rather than time loads between the tumble drier. This is one of those things that is a bit irritating. Because the drier takes longer than the washer, I have to put all loads on, following the first, with a 30 minute delayed start.

Okay, that’s a very first world problem and I’m thankful that I don’t have to go down to the stream and beat the clothes on a rock but, still, it wasn’t a problem of any world today because I ran two loads and put them both on the line, side by side. By the end of the day they were bone dry.

(Speaking of bones, I heated up some of the beef bone broth for my soba noodles and chicken tonight. It was amazing!)

As the photo above shows, we had a lovely walk in the park. At one point we met two cockerpoos both of whom looked exactly like Emma.

The first one, Teddy, sprang up behind me and, at first I was wondering how Emma had managed to get behind me when she’d been running after the ball in front of me a second before. It took a moment to realise that Teddy was, in fact, male and was wearing a distinctive red harness. Even with these differences, when Emma did return and they rubbed noses, it was like they were looking into mirrors.

The second dog was female and I don’t know her name but, again, she looked like Emma though with about six months of unruly hair growth. (Kate would not be happy.) Mind you, though very hairy she was very soft to stroke and, unusually, Emma was quite taken with her.

Freya, naturally, went and played with any dog that came near and had her usual fun time with them while Emma remained largely focused on her tennis ball.

I guess I should mention that this morning at the gym, I was given a three striper 🙄.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Stunning day.What’s a 3 stripper?

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