Three stripes, you’re out

Today in Wales, the temperature reached 20.6°. This is the hottest February day in Britain ever.  And the hottest winter day ever as well. The day was glorious. So glorious that I made a start on the terrace tiles.

But that was later in the day. First thing I was at the gym where I was subject to the Three Stripe Quandary.

At the gym there are two different sized towels. They are denoted by the number of stripes on them. The huge towels have three stripes while the normal sized ones have only two.

Most people at the gym think the three stripe towel is the deluxe version and are quite pleased when they are handed one. I, on the other hand, much prefer the two stripe towel. I find the huge one too cumbersome and the end falls in the water after the shower.

This was all fine because you could choose a towel off one of two piles and I’d just go for the two striper. This system, however, has changed and the person that ‘beeps’ you in will hand you a towel from a now hidden pile. (I think it’s to stop people taking more than one or taking them when they are from another gym.)

There’s one woman who works at the gym who I always have a bit of a laugh with when I arrive and when I leave. Subsequently she always has a chat back. I quite like that. It has presented a problem though.

This morning she presented me with a three striper, saying I deserved a three striper because I was so nice. This was based on the assumption that everyone loves the three striper. I felt like telling her that in Japan in the onsen you only get a towel the size of a flannel but resisted. Instead I smiled broadly, thanked her and went into the change room.

Now, of course, I’m stuck in that awful zone where she thinks I like the three striper when I don’t and I’m a bit beyond telling her about it at the risk of sounding ungrateful. Damn these conventions!

But enough about towels…

I woke to the news this morning that Olivia Colman had won best actress Oscar for The Favourite and then gave the best and most heartfelt speech for a very long time. Here it is…excuse the ad at the beginning.

Three stripes quandary.

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