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Dick Churchill died today. He was the last survivor of the real Great Escape. He went into a tunnel, emerged to freedom then, eventually, was recaptured along with a lot of other escapees.

Hitler ordered the execution of most of the Great Escapers but held Dick back. Dick reckoned the Nazis didn’t kill him because Hitler thought he might have been related to Winston and could come in handy as a bargaining chip. He wasn’t related to Churchill and maybe one of the few people saved from certain death by his surname.

My surname did nothing for me today as I headed off to the Talking Newspaper first thing.

I left the fence between us and the Crazies, ready for Matt the Fencing Guy who was due to replace it with one that works and headed out, into the fog.

All my readers turned up early this morning so we were stuck, waiting for Jane the Engineer to arrive. Not that it was a problem. My readers included Peter who used to be a presenter and only recently decided it was all a bit much.

I’ve been looking forward to having Peter on my team. He’s a funny chap who I’m very fond of. I also had Rosemary and Margaret, two lovely ladies. And we all had a glorious time. Jane the Engineer is also great fun and we spent a lot of time laughing.

Afterwards, Rosemary said “How on earth does Gary make such dull news sound interesting?

Peter summed it up by saying “Because he never takes it very seriously.

Six hours later, having shopped on the way home, I was soon trudging through the park on my way home. The fog had gone, replaced by a gorgeous sky.

Even more gorgeous was the end result of Matt the Fencing Guy’s labours. I expected he’d still be there slaving away but, no, he’d finished. And it looked fantastic.

It’s a beautiful fence. Thanks Matt.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Well at least it’s properly upright. I love the fog – very mystical So how did dick get away from hitler in the end?


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