A different kind of wind

Following the almost complete destruction of the fence between us and the Crazies, I finally met up with the fencing guy (Matt) to get it replaced. The poor guy has been inundated with bad luck over the last week.

First his phone was drowned then his son was ill and he had to look after him while his partner was busy. Still, all is now well (including his son) and we met up this afternoon.

He measured and checked it out then said he’d send a quote through tomorrow at the latest. He drove off then, ten minutes later, I had a quote on my phone from him. I then accepted the quote and we organised for him to come and do the actual work this Thursday. All done and dusted. I do like it when things run really smoothly.

Possibly not as smoothly as Freya and her farts.

We have decided she’ll not be having lamb again. Ever. Since last night the house has been reeking of her butt end emissions. And they are decidedly not nice. Mirinda has even been forced to burn incense in the library to try and diffuse the nasal invasion. (‘Forced’ might be pushing it given she burns incense in the library all the time, regardless of Freya’s little bombs.)

The rest of the day was spent in various domestic things though I did ring mum then Denise rang me, which was a very pleasant surprise and rounded off a pleasant day.

Here’s something equally pleasant. The heads of the daffs are starting to appear.

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  1. Miranda says:

    What a lovely lot of birdsong.It’s weird how the smell of lamb cooking was so delicious but the smell of lamb coming out of freya was so ghastly

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