Smelling like a lamb

Albert Finney died today. He was 82. There was a lovely interview with Tom Courtenay (very good friends for many years) this morning on the Today programme. He was upset but thankful for such a good friendship.

An obituary isn’t the best way to begin a day but it did improve. After walking into Farnham, buying meat and veg from the butcher and other sundry goods from Waitrose, I headed home. I then spent a lot of time in my office printing off articles for Mirinda who is currently working on updating her literature review.

On the spur of the moment we decided to have lunch at the Holly Bush. Originally Mirinda was due a guitar lesson today but her teacher had to rush home after hearing some bad news so we had the morning together as well.

Before heading into the pub we walked the dogs across the common where I used to spend quite a lot of time with Day-z when we temporarily lived in Frensham. It was all a bit wild and windy and bleak, unlike the hot, sunny days I spent reading on the grass while Day-z slept beside me.

Emma looking a bit odd running towards me

Lunch, as usual, was delightful though I shouldn’t have had the salmon fishcakes. Although they were delicious, they were full of potato (as well as salmon) which meant I was struck down with a wave of tiredness shortly after returning home. Bloody carbs! Mirinda, wisely, chose the naked lamb burger option.

Before leaving the house I put a whole load of lamb bones (from the butcher) in the slow cooker so by the time we returned, the whole house smelled like a lamb casserole. I reckon the bone broth is going to be pretty yum this week.

The Holly Bush

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  1. Mirinda says:

    The bone broth is delicious – but the smell woke me up in its yumminess overnight!


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