Dog days

I was dozing on the bed this afternoon, partway cleaning, partway listening to the radio when I realised I was dreaming. I was heading for some sort of holiday accommodation. I was in the country, walking easily through a wooded landscape.

When I arrived at my accommodation, the place was in disarray. It looked like the place had been burgled and the burglars had thrown everything on the floor. Atop the various objects was the mattress. I was early and decided to help the owner by doing a bit of tidying.

Then I realised there was a dog with me. It was big, dopey type of dog. It looked like the result of a great Dane and greyhound coupling. It was very friendly with a big lolling tongue and bright happy eyes. I patted its head and it looked at me.

The dog suddenly ran off and started barking. Perhaps it was telling the owner that some strange guest was tidying up. The bark seemed strangely familiar and didn’t quite match the big dog . It sounded as if it should come from a small, yappy type dog. A cockerpoo perhaps.

I woke up as Emma continued her shrill noise in the library. She was welcoming Richard the Eggman as he made his way up the street. And it wasn’t the only time she’d caused a commotion today.

Earlier, in the park, we ran into a beautiful white akita which spent an inordinate amount of time circling me, interested in Emma. He let me pat him but refused to let Emma out of his sight. Freya then followed him trying to get him to play with her.

It must have made a funny sight (I wish I’d videoed it) particularly with the akita’s owner constantly calling him to come to her. Eventually she walked over and grabbed his collar, telling him to stop being a pest. As she returned to her walking companions, she released him only to have him trot back to Emma.

The only way the owner was going to convince her dog that he was not going to remain with us was to snap his lead on and drag him, unwillingly away. He was very disappointed. Emma was rather pleased with herself.

The park was quite chilly in the wind though the ambient temperature was quite mild.

Bleak Park

And, of course, the place is still very wet and spongy. The girls needed a foot bath when we reached home.

In Downunder News…today mum went and visited the Residential Home she’s moving into. It’s brand new and looked lovely (Denise sent me a video). She should be moving in next week. While Skyping she seemed to be half excited about and half dreading it. I told her it’ll be fine.

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