Oh dear

What a difference a thaw makes. Here’s the same view as yesterday.

Apart from a few patches of snow and some rather scary strips of ice, it’s as if it was never cold. The temperature has risen, almost to double figures.

In Farnham this morning I was presented with the awful news that Brasserie Blanc is moving away! Yes, my favourite Farnham restaurant. Damn it! Okay there’s a lot of others but even so.

Meanwhile at home, the gardeners moved the big compost bin.

Nicely done

Before the actual move, they had to transplant the spiky pyrocanthus that was growing there strong and tall. Paul did the deed and I can only hope he is as skilled as I am at pyrocanthus transfer.

On the right, with the stake

And now the working area is looking a lot tidier.

Nice and neat

The poor guys were working in the rain for most of the morning but it sort of stopped by the time they were finished. At least their next job would be a bit more pleasant.

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2 Responses to Oh dear

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Looks very neat and tidy xx love mum xx

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Has your model lost his head xx


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